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Single Session

The Catalyst

A big-picture view or laser-focused look at your life.

Are you looking for guidance around one issue such as: food, stress, weight loss, exercise, emotions, creativity, or desire? Do you want an action plan to achieve greater balance and harmony in your life? Are you needing a big-picture snapshot of how all aspects of your life fit together?

Then The Catalyst is perfect for you. It offers a dose of inspiration and clarity to send you in the right direction. Get ready to take action.

What’s the Focus:

A big-picture map of where you are, where you want to be, and what’s getting in the way. OR Any area of your life that needs some direction.

  • What eating lifestyle is best for your unique body?
  • How can you reduce your stress and increase your energy?
  • What aspects of your life no longer serve you or enable you to thrive?
  • Where is your energy best focused to create the most transformation?

These are all wonderful questions that The Catalyst can address.

What’s Included:

  • 90 minutes of my love and expertise via Skype audio.
  • A complete Health History evaluation
  • A discussion and exploration of your current health and lifestyle
  • Identification of obstacles and challenges
  • Personalized action plan for beginning to create the life you love
  • Resources and informative handouts to support your continued growth (varies according to client’s specific goal)
  • Bonus: Access to my newsletter filled with wisdom + love


The Core of It:

The Catalyst is truly a tool for creating change in your life. Whether you’re focusing on one issue or looking at the big picture, you’ll get the inspiration and support you need to take action. Experience the power of strengthening the body-mind-spirit connection. Set long-term goals and intentions. Form new habits through empowering and achievable action steps. It’s an infusion of confidence that will reset your internal compass.

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About Me

My interest in exploring body-mind wisdom and unlocking core truths first led me to pursue Health + Desire Coaching as a profession. It quickly became clear that it was my calling - to help others unlock their deepest desires and empower them to create a life they love. My role as a Health + Desire Coach is incredibly rewarding and I couldn't be happier!