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Alani has an amazing talent for getting to the root of things. Her gentle demeanor and words of encouragement reach deep. Her ability to focus in on something whether is it positive or negative is astounding. All positive aspects get nurtured and they grow, all negative aspects come into the light, find understanding and lose the weight of their power.

I feel as if Alani was the one who first introduced me to myself, and ever since my relationship with my attitude, my body, my mind, my work, my friends- it has all transformed. And the greatest part is that I created all of it. Having a health coach like Alani has opened my eyes to how much I value my one and only body/mind/life and how I choose to care for everything that makes me Me!

I would highly recommend Alani as a coach to anyone who is in hot pursuit of good health, happiness, life balance, objectivity, self-enlightenment and love. And to anyone who enjoys having frequent “Aha!” moments (especially about themselves).

It’s all a surreal, terrifying, exciting and wonderfully empowering journey – I couldn’t be more grateful to have this opportunity to learn and evolve. Thank you Alani!

—Eztrella Armijo, Media Resource Center Manager

I find it hard to adequately explain how amazing Alani is to work with. There are so many areas of my life that she has helped me to find my path in, to find happiness and openness, to find my own truth in.

I started working with her because I had a series of rough years and I wanted to dedicate a year to getting healthy. I was struggling to do it on my own and a friend had recommended Alani to me.

Through all the areas of my life that she helped me improve, it really comes down to desire. When I started working with Alani I desired to find foods and types of physical movement that would make me healthier. I ended up losing over 50 pounds over the year! However, working with Alani went beyond just the physical.

It then moved onto my career; I wasn’t really happy in my job. Through working with her I decided to quit my job and go to graduate school in a competitive field. I am so happy in it that I do not regret it for a second even though it is tons of hard work and late nights.

It then moved on to desiring to be more open with my significant other, then onto desiring to find gratitude, desiring to be able to reward and celebrate myself, finally desiring to desire things in life. Desire to me is that moment when you are a kid, you are lying in bed, imagining something you really want to have happen and you really believe it could. To me it is that feeling of excitement and happiness I experience when I have a wonderful daydream and then realizing “yes” I can make that a reality.

Alani is an endless source of encouragement, especially when it came to listening to myself and what I really desired. What did I want my life to look like? How did I want to feel in my body? How would I like to receive love? What do I want to do as a career? They are all desires. She is so accepting, non-judgmental, open hearted, honest, passionate, and overall an amazing person.

She was absolutely fantastic about helping me find my way. She helped me identify what it is I desired and then how to make that happen. She has helped me to tap into a more positive, happy version of myself.

She has helped me to know what it looks like to make decisions that nurture that happy, healthy, positive version of myself. How to lead a life that I want to lead, that is truly me and that makes me happy. How to live for myself.

I am so thankful that I had Alani to help me in making those changes. She had a lot of great suggestions, ideas, insight and encouragement that helped me to attain goals. Without a doubt, the year that I worked with Alani was one of the best years of my life.

—Ashley Tuffo, Student of Architecture

I cannot believe how much I have achieved over such a short time with the One Month Kick Start program! With Alani’s support, I was able to overcome a 5-year chronic health issue within 2 sessions!!! Now I feel healthy, less toxic, and more clarity within my body and mind.

Alani has been so amazing! She tailored the program according to my specific goals, individual needs and character, which made all the difference in helping me achieve my health goals. She gives honest feedback, shows genuine concern, and strongly encourages self-empowerment and confidence through her approach. She also shares stories from her own journey, which helped encourage me to continue my self-development and also normalized my concerns.

With the largest obstacle and challenge in my self-development, spiritual development and health now resolved, I now have space to continue my journey of growth and positive life changes. Without her support during this phase of my journey, I am sure I would still be struggling with my health. Thank you so much Alani!

—Bianca, Registered Psychologist

Alani’s deep connection to the earth and the energy that surrounds us is truly inspirational. She weaves nutrition, yoga, nature and spirituality seamlessly together and gives you the tools to access this synthesis in your own life. The positive effects of her influence on my life are clear: clarity and joy. My experience with her vast knowledge and wisdom has enhanced my life and I look forward to her support in my quest of growth. She comes with my highest recommendation!

—Slavica Kostovsky, Luminisk Photography

Every challenge in life is there to give us the chance to grow, and with the “right support” it can be done lovingly and with joy!

Her outstanding 6-month program is 100% empowering you to find your individual balance and to develop an overall state of wellbeing. It has changed my life because I realized that I can walk towards my goals in a curious, joyous and self-loving way rather that pushing myself into more “should’s” and “have to’s.”

Thank you Alani for being so authentic and openhearted!

—Sophie Briest, Yoga Teacher

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My interest in exploring body-mind wisdom and unlocking core truths first led me to pursue Health + Desire Coaching as a profession. It quickly became clear that it was my calling - to help others unlock their deepest desires and empower them to create a life they love. My role as a Health + Desire Coach is incredibly rewarding and I couldn't be happier!

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